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I've played this game twice now, and it amazes me how different an experience it can be on replay! The collaborative nature means that each person brings something different to the table, and the way we play off each other and build together creates a totally unique experience.

I love how emotionally involved Ghosts can get, and appreciate how the rules have created so many safeguards to ensure that people can communicate healthily with one another about boundaries. It's unlike any other LARPing experience I've heard of, I love the atmosphere and how deep you get to tap into your character! I highly recommend it, especially for people who love to roleplay and improvise.


great game! It’s not my usual style but i ended up being so glad i played. You can go as deep or as frivolous as you like and it’s fun for everyone either way. What a clever, interesting idea!


This is a wonderful game. I've played it virtually, and watched it played outdoors, during the the gloaming of a fall day. It is serious without being dull, can be humorous, yet is never trivial. Would highly recommend playing if you haven't already. 


This is a deeply moving game, which I have had the good fortune to play several times, and to run as well. With a carefully crafted mood, and open character prompts, the script for this game takes the characters and the players into themselves to remind each one what has value to them, and what it means to be alive. I highly recommend this game.